Tylenol recall expands, again

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As a follow-up to an initial recall in January that yanked several Tylenol products off shelves after reports came in about a bizarre moldy smell — ultimately linked to exposure to a chemical in wood pallets at a storehouse — the McNeil Consumer Healthcare division of Johnson & Johnson today announced the recall of an additional 21 lots of over-the-counter medications for the same reason. The recall affects Tylenol, Motrin and Benadryl products, and adds to the company’s woes in light of several recent recalls —  from the the mildew-smell-related recall earlier this year and the June 15 addition of products initially left off that list, to the April recall of more than 40 different types of over-the-counter liquid medications such as Children’s Motrin and a subsequent Congressional inquiry into the manufacturing lapses that allowed contaminated products to get onto the market in the first place.

If it seems like the recent surge of recalls is too much to keep track of, maybe the new recall tracking smart phone application being developed by government regulation agencies will keep you up to date on the myriad faulty products on the market — from Toyotas to Tylenol.

Read the full list of medications included in the latest recall here.