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Put on Your Party Shoes: I ♥ Boobies’ Girls Can Attend Middle-School Dance

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Girls getting suspended on breast cancer awareness day for wearing breast cancer awareness bracelets? It just seemed so unfair, which is why on Monday, the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) of Pennsylvania filed suit on behalf of two middle- school girls who were suspended for wearing “I ♥ Boobies! (Keep A Breast)” bracelets. Read all about it here.

While suspension is one thing, morphing into social outcasts is quite another. The girls were barred from the Easton Area Middle School 7/8 Snow Ball dance, to be held tonight. But after being urged by the judge hearing the case, the school district has agreed that the girls can attend the dance after all — with the caveat that if the judge ultimately rules against them when the case is heard Dec. 13, the school can then mete out another suitable punishment. (More on Time.comAnother Use for Breasts: Medical Experiments)

The bracelets at the center of the controversy are produced by the Keep A Breast Foundation, a small California nonprofit that aims to educate young people about how to lower their risk of breast cancer. They began selling the sassy rubber bracelets in stores 18 months ago, part of a blueprint to “speak to young people at places they’re at in voices they know,” according to Kimmy McAtee, spokesperson for Keep A Breast.

Kayla Martinez, a seventh-grader, and Brianna Hawk, her eighth-grade pal, elected to wear the $4 bracelets on Oct. 28, their school’s breast cancer awareness day, despite their school having banned the jewelry days before. Even though their mothers had okayed it, the girls tucked the bracelets under their shirtsleeves at first. By lunchtime, however, they wore them openly. Then, bam!, a lunch monitor pounced. (More on Breast-Feeding after Breast Cancer Is O.K.)

The girls are psyched they can now attend tonight’s dance, since they’d already gone shopping and purchased fab dresses. They will ostensibly be wearing those fab dresses tonight with just-right accessories, which will not include I ♥ Boobies bracelets.

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