10 Reasons to Revisit Marijuana Policy Now

Culturally, marijuana has become hardly more than a punch line. But in reality, U.S. marijuana policy is no joke; it causes great harm, both directly and indirectly. Here are the 10 most important reasons our marijuana laws deserve serious reconsideration

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What has the presence of pot in Trayvons system got to do with anything? 

Is it OK to execute druggies?
Zimmerman was a stalker and Trayvon was freaking out, his girlfriend was telling him on his cell phone to run. If you had a freaky guy who's looking at you suspiciously and following you everywhere you'd probably think a serial killer had targeted you. 
Of course he was freaking out. And he was already under extreme pressure as he had been suspended from school over a few crumbs in his bag. He was already miserable and then some freak with a grudge starts following him, what would you do?
 Zimmerman is able to use a defence that says he can go in and provoke a situation and when things get out of hand he can just rely on his trusty gun. 
That's on the spot, extra-judicial execution. Suspect and kill. The cops do it all the time, why not every one else too?
Lest we forget, 
Ramarley Graham 18. Shot for flushing pot down the toilet.Carlos La Madrid 19.   Shot in the back for climbing a fence.John Robert Husband III, 21.  Shot in the back. Self defence.
These are but a few of the many victims of the drug war.


TIME magazine seems to be recruiting idiots for its writers. I'm fairly certain heroin and cocaine are far more addictive than nicotine.

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Why is it still illegal to cultivate hemp, the non-psychoactive variety, in the US?


Try cannabis oil, Sir.  Use a lot at first and see if it helps.  Look at Phoenix Tears Foundation for dosage.  Use alcohol based oil tho- the new naptha based oil kills what cures.  Really.