The Most Popular Diets of 2012 (According to Google)

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i am looking for a fast affective diet im only about 25 heavier than i shld be and i loose pretty easy but i was hooked on pain meds for about 4 years and im a year clean now but ive gained weight im havnt started eating very unhealthy like most like sugar candy etc infact i dont eat much at all but i guess thats just as bad. I am working out vigorously but nothing is changing. does anyone know what would be good for me?


I became highly allergic to corn maybe due to consuming processed foods from the supermarket which they all have some form of genetically modified corn.  I was literally forced to eat all homemade meals from scratch if I wanted to stay alive. The weight I thought would be so hard to get rid off, melted like butter and I have the tiniest waist now that I can even see my ribs.  I am back to my pre-pregnancy weight at the age of 39.  They tell me I look like a college girl again.   It all happened in a month and a half when I started to eat just healthy foods made at home.  I ate as much as I could but just fruits, vegetables, beans, rice  and very little meat. I juice or make healthy fruit and vegetable shakes as well.  I cant believe how much healthier I feel now.  Because of this allergy that  affects my lungs by immediately having an asthmatic reaction I am very interested in learning more about the Gerson diet to help my body completely heal.  I do believe God has given us the tools to heal we just have to tap into them.  If people would only realize how bad is all the high processed food out there they would not want to keep poisoning their body.  I come to realize everything has corn: almost all medications, food, cosmetic products, almost everything.  What do they give cows, pigs, chickens to make them fat...corn.  This is corn country.


When juicing becomes part of a lifestyle when combined with eating healthy foods and moderate exercise - the pounds DO STAY OFF!  I had to decide what to do regarding my own life a bit over two months ago when I had to go to the ER for shortness of breath.  I'd been diagnosed there with high-cholesterol, a-fib, hyper-tension and possible heart failure.  For me that day had been a rude awakening!  What I did?  First I went out and purchased a Jack LaLanne juicer.  Then a treadmill putting that on my credit card.  I began juicing every day and eating a near vegetarian diet.  I cut-out the salt, sugar, caffeine, alcohol, processed foods and fast foods completely!  I will never again eat fast food, that's for sure.  I began going for brisk walks on my treadmill every other day, started meditating for ease of stress and it's been a bit over two months now.  I've lost 37 pounds and that's without suffering hunger!  Did my doctors suggest I start juicing?  No.  None of them did.  And we're talking  a primary care physician, a cardiologist and an endocrinologist plus a nurse and an exercise trainer.  They never mentioned juicing.  The Gerson Institute has been curing many stage 4 cancers for many years now!  Dr. Max Gerson developed his all-natural healing therapy in the frikken 20's!  We don't see them advertised on TV, but holy crow do we see commercials for medications!  Then the next commercial often shows attorneys asking if you took a particular medication.  Holy crap is the world screwed or what unless people start waking up. Start by not drinking those damned energy drinks for one and slow down or quit the caffeine and smoking addictions!  I will never put my complete faith, trust and life in the hands of any doctors.  My best doctor and hero is Bill Gates because of his invention - the Internet.  I've slowly weaned myself off the blood pressure medication on my own while monitoring blood pressure myself.   My blood pressure had been in the 160s over something at the ER.  Now, being off the blood pressure med over two weeks now my blood pressure readings average just below normal.  I take aspirin and vitamin supplements suggested by my primary care physician.  I may have to start taking a beta blocker regarding the a-fib, not sure yet.  My heart rate doesn't jump much as long as I'm not stressed so I meditate and pray.  Losing weight through juicing, eating healthy and moderate exercise is probably the best thing I could have ever done for myself.   I now weigh under 200 lbs and am grateful to God and proud!  I had noticed within two days of starting the juicing I could think clearer!  I had tons of energy! The skin on my face changed!  I noticed it looks and feels healthier!  I no longer have a film in my eyes every morning when I wake up!  I no longer suffer daily headaches!  My bones no longer crack and ache!  Sexual functions are better than ever!  I honestly feel 15 years younger!  I don't suffer any a-fib symptoms!  And I credit this mainly to juicing first, then diet, then walking and meditating/prayer to reduce stress!  I will never give up these things for the rest of my life!  Juicing for one - is part of a miracle for me.


What about switching from coffee to Coca Tea?

Coca tea, made from the leaves of the coca plant -- which is native to
Central and South America -- is one of many tea products purported to
help you lose weight. Like many similar products, it does have some
properties that can help you drop those unwanted pounds. However, your
results will be more impressive if you couple using the tea with a
dedicated program of diet and exercise.

Coca leaves are rich in micronutrients called alkaloids which are an
important factor in lipolysis, the process by which your body breaks
down fat into energy. Drinking a beverage rich in alkaloids may
accelerate this process and help you to lose weight.

Inulin is a powerful stimulant, and the active ingredient in coca leaf tea.
Like other stimulants, it can increase your metabolism so that you burn
more calories throughout the day. It may also reduce your appetite so
that you eat fewer calories. This combination of effects makes it more
likely that you will achieve the negative calorie balance necessary to
shed fat and lose weight.

Many diet teas, including coca tea, contain catechins which inhibit your
body's ability to digest and process fat. The bulk of research
supporting this claim has focused on how catechins can improve your
cholesterol count, but the same inhibition may mean you take in fewer
calories from foods rich in fat.

Personal trainers recommend drinking a zero-calorie beverage before each meal
and as your primary response to snack cravings. This practice can help
you control portions by filling your belly with a substance that has no
fat. Drinking coca tea can accomplish this, so long as you don't add


I like liporexall and the green coffee bean extract! I've using them the last 2 weeks and have burned about 20 lbs so far!! Combining them works wonders, best thing about it is that I pretty much eat what I want.


The Gerson Institute heals many stage 4 cancers using JUICING as a primary therapy!