20 Slimmed Down Super Bowl Party Favorites

Bowl favorites don't have to take a toll on your waistline, or your health.

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ruraynor like.author.displayName 1 Like

That carrot "hot-dog" is literally the saddest thing in the realm of cooking, and this is coming from someone who bought a book on wheat-free dairy-free baking from a thrift store today.

Dawn-MarieMajeske like.author.displayName 1 Like

I came across this article after a friend of mine posted it on facebook saying, "Not gonna lie, these sound like the worst ever:"  I was intrigued, and came looking.  I live by a mostly vegan diet, and was happy to find a lot of animal-free super bowl recipes here. But, this one has me saying ... "uh, are you kidding me? Diet hummus? Hummus is already good for you!  Chickpeas are NOT unhealthy.  They have some fat, and that's a good thing! This article already turns a lot of people off to the idea of changing things they're already used to and love. Hummus should comforting to them. "Yes, it's healthy and delicious, enjoy it just the was you like it.  It's the only thing on this list already familiar to you" should be your comments on hummus.  If you get anyone to try Carrot Hot dogs or Cauliflower Buffalo Wings, you should consider that a win, and leave hummus alone!