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In Texas, a Pregnant Teen Sues Her Parents to Avoid an Abortion

Can parents force a teen to have an abortion?

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Earlier this month, Jaime Burnside called an attorney in Texas to help her teen-age son. His girlfriend was pregnant and wanted to have the baby, but her parents wanted her to have an abortion.

It’s the kind of case that invigorates the Texas Center for Defense of Life, which has handled three similar situations in the two years since it was founded. “Parents think they’re making a decision for their daughters like pulling a tooth or getting their tonsils out,” says Stephen Casey, who spoke to the boy’s mother and agreed to file suit against the girl’s parents. “But now that the girl is pregnant, the parents become grandparents and they can’t make a decision for the girl about her unborn child.”

A judge in Houston agreed. Last week, the parents of the 16-year-old girl — identified as R.E.K. in the lawsuit — said they would comply with an injunction that prohibits them from forcing their daughter to end her pregnancy. According to the lawsuit, the divorced parents also agreed to let the girl continue to use her cell phone and drive her car, both of which apparently had been confiscated after she announced that she was pregnant.

The girl’s mom tried to talk her daughter into an abortion, saying she would be “making the biggest mistake of her life” if she had the baby, and the girl’s father texted her that she “needs an ass whoopin’,” according to the lawsuit. The girls’ parents have said the allegations are not true. The parents’ attorney could not be reached.

The situation is unspooling not long after Texas cut funds for family-planning services. Nor does the state provide comprehensive sex education in schools, preferring to emphasize abstinence. “We know teens have sex so it would be nice to prepare them to make good decisions,” says Elizabeth Nash, who tracks states’ reproductive rights legislation for the Guttmacher Institute, a pro-choice research group. “Being a teen mother is a very hard road to hoe.”

Burnside can attest to that first-hand. When she was 15, she got pregnant with Evan Madison, the 16-year-old father-to-be in the case. Last month, R.E.K. took a pregnancy test at Burnside’s home to confirm she was expecting. The positive result left Burnside dumbfounded. “One of the first things Evan said to me was, You can’t get mad. You had me when you were a teenager,” says Burnside, 33, who works at the local sheriff’s office. “I said I wasn’t mad, but it changes everything.”

Burnside dropped out of school and got her GED, then went to college. She held down two jobs. “You have to work a lot harder,” she says. “You have another human being depending on you. They are not going to understand the magnitude until they’re living it.”

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The baby is due Sept. 16. According to Evan, he and R.E.K. — they began dating last summer — knew right away they would have the baby. “We’ve always been against abortion,” says Evan, who wants to become a welder (R.E.K. wants to attend nursing school). “As soon as we found out she was pregnant, we knew we wanted to keep it.”

Contrary to the impression that most teens choose abortion, most girls under 18 who get pregnant choose to stay pregnant: 57% of these pregnancies result in babies compared to 29% that end in abortion (miscarriages account for the rest). But just as support for reproductive rights varies widely across the nation, so too do the preferences of teen girls. In Texas, for example, 72% continue their pregnancies while just 12% end them. In California, on the other hand, 50% choose birth compared to 36% who opt for abortion.

Texas is one of just three states, in addition to Oklahoma and Virginia, that requires notarized parental consent for a daughter under 18 to have an abortion. But even in those states, girls can bypass their parents’ wishes, according to a Guttmacher summary, which notes:

“Moreover, because the Supreme Court has ruled that states may not give parents an absolute veto over their daughter’s decision to have an abortion, most state parental involvement requirements include a judicial bypass procedure that allows a minor to receive court approval for an abortion without her parents’ knowledge or consent.”

Yet there are no clear rules in a situation like R.E.K.’s. Girls can try to reason with their parents, but ultimately, both sides may end up facing off in a courtroom. “Roe v. Wade goes both ways,” says Greg Terra, president of the Texas center, “and choice goes both ways. A few of these situations can resolve without filing suit. But even though a girl has a legal right to keep her child, parents don’t necessarily care about the law.”

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The situation unspooling in Texas is “very unusual,” says Nash. “If you’re supportive of the right to choose, it is her right to become a parent or not to become a parent. At the same time, this is an incredibly big responsibility that she is undertaking, and her parents will be undertaking it along with her. So this is a very tough situation.”

It remains to be seen just how involved the girl’s parents will be with their new grandchild. While Burnside and her husband, who is not Evan’s biological father, are being supportive, the girl’s parents may find it harder to play a role: days after the judge’s ruling, Evan, a high school sophomore, married his pregnant girlfriend, a junior, in what Burnside calls a “shotgun” wedding. The expectant couple moved into Burnside’s home, where Evan is raising a cow for the upcoming county fair.

There wasn’t much time to plan any wedding festivities, but in a month or so, the newlyweds plan to host a crawfish boil to celebrate.


Abstinence education is a failure.  Girls should know how their bodies work.  Boys should know how human beings start.  All of them should know about fetal development and hormonal urges.  You know.....reality.  Live in the real world.  If the mother of the boy wants the pregnancy to continue, let her support those kids and mind the baby when the kids have to work and go to school.  The mother of the girl is letting her know that she already raised her babies and does not want to do it again.  Where is THAT mother's choice?


Dear, Your stupid

A lot of these shows do pay. And if they don’t, and if they want you on, they will fly you in and put you up in a nice hotel for a few days, then fly you home after the show. So you get a vacation and exposure!I also found your comment about the “illegal gambling operations’ most amusing. I will stick to my guns on the money making part of my statement. They are keeping her under wraps for the highest bidder.If there is nothing to hide why was the post about the all of the TV and movie deal offers removed from their FB page? I wonder if they will be the guests of honor at the TCDL fund raiser with Rick Santorum tonight. Probable not as it’s the TCDL fund raiser, not theirs.


I have written more on the last several days about this than I ever do outside of work writing technical that’s what I do. And this will be my last post on this as I have been told that I need to let go and let God (wise words). I hope you are right on all counts and the talk of TV shows and movie deal was just a joke, I truly do. What I find in all of this is that we as Christians are locked in a battle with Satan and we are losing. We are losing to the likes of the Kardashian's and the Snooki’s of this world. We and our children are blasted on a daily basis about theirs and others exploits. And like a grenade in a foxhole, we all are affected. As Christians we try to instill in our children that marriage and sex are both ordained by God and in that order, but our words are increasingly drowned out by the next new season of some reality show. We are becoming a society of “Electronic Voyeurs” were every detail of everyone’s lives is placed on display and played out on Facebook and Twitter and dozens of other sites and no one truly makes a connection with anyone or anything let alone God. When I finish posting this I am going to bed and I will pray for all of those involved with this, on both sides, as true healing needs to take place for all. As always it will be, His will be done.

Good Night and God bless.



You can tell by the comments and likes on that page that they have the support of a lot of people they know. The people that are the closest to them, if they were horrible parents and horrible people I think the people that know them the best would all be saying "I told you so" and things like that, but they don't and they aren't. I understand it's much easier to think the worst of people, that's what's wrong with this world. Is it so hard to believe that maybe these are good and decent people trying to do the best they can in the situation? Is anyone friends with the parents on FB? I's bet they are hiding secret prostitution rings, drug and money laundering possibly or even illegal gambling operations.... LOL I'm going to quit speculating and send a friend request and talk to one of them myself because I can't stand to sit her on one side of the fence or the other without honestly any of us REALLY knowing but based on what I've seen they are normal people!


I too looked at their " following baby" page, as well as the FB page of attorney's that represented  them. I saw very little about anything that had to do with the media on the baby page, and what I did see seemed like they were more making a light hearted joke of all of it, whereas the attorneys seem to be all over the media attention and have it plastered on almost every single post on their FB page. FYI, unless you are the Kardashian's or the like, you don't get paid to appear on any shows or to do the little interviews that they are doing. Seems to me like they are just normal people trying to do normal things and doing the best they can having been thrown into the spotlight. I haven't seen where either set of parents have had much media involvement at all. I can see how everyone would think that they are a horrible family though. I mean, it's completely unheard of that 16 year olds have sex, much less get pregnant, and that NEVER happens if the parents are doing their job to provide birth control.... no what's unheard of is that the boy, as well as his entire family and community has stood by them through all of it.


After posting I followed the link to their baby page and I should have done this first. What I was thinking appears to be true. In a post by what seems to be the mother of the expectant father. Here’s what she said “Here is the article we did for Time Magazine. Have a meeting with 20/20 coming up next week regarding doing a segment with them, working on a deal to do "Rock Center" with Brian Williams and a movie deal. Despite the invitation, I don't think we will be doing Dr. Phil, but will rather hold out for offers to do Jerry Springer. LOL -Jaime Madison Burnside”. It’s seems that boys mother is trying to turn this into a media money maker. All I keep hearing about the boy and his mother and have yet to see anything from the baby’s mother. I guess the longer they keep her out of the media spotlight the bigger the payday when she does. That would be why they will be avoiding Dr. Phil as he tends to ask the hard questions that they don’t want to answer and hear from both sides of the story. I find myself sickened by the very thought of all of this.


I like many were originally horrified by the facts this case brought to light. As I watched it play out in the media I moved from horrified to dumb struck. It has moved from a right to life case to a promotion for premarital sex and teen pregnancy. The players in this melodrama are holding it up as a shining example that it is OK to engage in premarital sex and conceive a child as long as you get married after. It is no wonder that this country is in the shape that it is with this type of mentality. Nowhere in this media circus that was created have I heard anything about the use of birth control.I am not naïve enough not to know that some teens are going to have sex no matter how well they were brought up. Now that they are married, I hear nothing of counseling for these children on marriage and child rearing. None of these children’s parents are going to win parent of the year award. So how can we expect these children to turn out any different or their child? All I truly see coming out of this is more of the same. There will be more children having children.Then suing their parents to get what they want with the media as willing accomplices. While I am truly glad that the unborn child will get a chance to be born, what type of world will it be born in? Probably a MTV world where worse parts of society are held out as heroes and it’s all OK if you show it on TV.


@teddywhite1971 I can't agree that this media attention is all about a "promotion of premarital sex and teen pregnancy." Certainly, these teen parents-to-be are getting a lot of attention from the national media but I see a lot of people also focusing on how difficult it is for teen parents to raise a child. Rather than a justification for their actions, I see the marriage as a commitment (I won't comment on the strength of the commitment because I don't believe 16-year-olds are capable of understanding the gravity of this situation) of the young father to stick with his girlfriend, now fiancée, and support her as she has the baby. I can't argue that he showed some guts there. Who knows how long his commitment will last, but at least for now I'm proud of him for showing that he's not going to leave his girlfriend high and dry.  

As for this ongoing spiral you propose, I'm curious as to what you believe is the proper way to stop this culture of 'glorifying" teen pregnancy. I would argue that comprehensive sex education instead of abstinence-only programs in schools as well as better education on and availability of contraceptives such as birth control pills and condoms are the best ways to decrease the number of teen pregnancies. Would you agree?



He has stuck by her, but I tend to believe that this was not just a “oops”. I also think that this was a plan by both of them and they were trying to get pregnant, so that they could get married regardless. While that is my opinion, I haven’t seen anything to support that. Just a gut feeling.

As to my “on going spiral” (I like that). There is no one approach that will work. Discontinuing the glorification of teen pregnancy in our popular culture has to happen.I also believe that it has to start in the home. When you build anything it has to have the proper foundation. A comprehensive sex education is also needed, but it has to come with an opt-out clause that will allow parents to have a say. The opt-out also should not place the child in a position to be ridiculed by their classmates. Contraceptives are a must. Anyone can walk into HEB and pick up a box of condoms. Not only for birth control, but to control the spread of STD’s, Condoms should be used in addition to any other type of birth control until you are married. As far birth control pills: They only work if you take them. The only 100% birth control is abstinence. Here’s a good article on the glorification of teen pregnancy.



@teddywhite1971 @JMistrick21 You present a very solid approach. It is very true that no one method will be 100% effective in decreasing the number of instances of teen pregnancies. I don't personally support pushing abstinence til marriage (though I do believe sex should not be undertaken lightly) because it is simply not an ideal that resonates with today's youth and thus teaching practices of safe sex would better prevent pregnancies and STDs. However, I agree that opting-out should be a possibility for parents to teach what they want. I would want their curriculum to have to be approved in some fashion so that these children are not deprived of a sex-ed education, but I support their views to educate their children how they want. 

I was interested by your one comment about this teen couple planning their pregnancy. Possibly an effective sex-ed course would include visits from teen parents detailing how difficult it is to raise a baby as teens. Or even a program with at "baby" where students have to care for a simulation baby for a week to understand how difficult being a teen parent is. Perhaps these types of programs would help provide smarter decision when it comes to their sexual interactions.

whatkindaworldisthis 1 Like

I have tried hard not to be “presumptuous” and so far the media has been on their side. I have also based my comments on “their” comments in “their” media interviews and “their” postings to “their” websites as well as some very sad statistics. You make it sound like this girl came to them naked and with nothing. I doubt that seriously. And she got her car by court agreement (that none of them paid for), so she has her own transportation to get to and from school, work and medical appointments. And if they are both working two jobs they can put gas in it even with the high price of gas, but that’s a whole other issue post. You are right, “IF” they have not signed up for any type of government assistance, the Burnsides have assumed a great responsibility. On the other hand “IF” they have, then that responsibility is not so much. I do hope that they are “both” back in school and will finish high school. I also hope that like you said they stay together and will be still going strong years from now. As I am “so negative, presumptuous and judgmental” Statistic are stacked against them.

Your_stupid_is_showing 1 Like

My favorite comment of all is that the Burnside’s are now free and clear of financial responsibility now that the kids got married. From what I have read they are both living with the Burnside’s, so it seems more to me like the Burnside’s have taken on a HUGE responsibility now by continuing to raise, not only their son, but the sons new bride and helping them both to become parents to their own child. So instead of paying the cell phone bill and half the medical, they are now paying for ALL of her housing expenses, clothes, food, can insurance, cell phone bill, educational expenses, medical expenses, getting her to doctors appointments, helping them prepare for the baby and all of those expenses etc. as well as helping them raise their child while they finish growing up themselves. And it doesn’t sound like they are the type of people to just kick these two kids out the door now that they are “adults” since they are married. Of course these kids have a lot of odds stacked against them, I know couples who have been together since they were teenagers and are still going strong and I know other couples who married later in life, some after dating for many years, only for it to end up in divorce. Obviously they are not hiding much; they talk to the media, created the FB page etc. Hell if you all are interested in the truth why don’t you just find them on FB and ask them?? The moral of my story is that maybe you all shouldn’t be so negative, presumptuous and judgmental.


I think it is rather presumptuous of you all to assume these things based on what the media has told us. I haven’t heard anywhere that she is on welfare, as a matter of fact I heard that they both work, I believe I heard that he is working two jobs, was on a radio station that he did an interview with. Not to say that they are making large amount of money at their age, but they are not sitting on their butts expecting handouts. They are both still in school, and good for them for not throwing in the towel on finishing their educations, hopefully they will stick with it even after the baby arrives. The boy is obviously involved in school activities, as the article says he is raising a cow for the fair, these don’t sound like bad kids in my opinion, just kids in an unfortunate situation at their age and trying to do the best they can under the circumstances if you ask me. They want to raise their child and no one, including her parents, have the right to say otherwise. It is obviously not the ideal situation but it sounds like the boys parents are supportive of them. I know MANY teenage boys who would  jump off a cliff if their girlfriend got pregnant before EVER sticking around. That speaks volumes as to his character and he didn’t get that way on his own. Yes, the article said his mother was a teenage parent as well, but if you ask me she did a hell of a job raising him and better than a lot of parents out there.

whatkindaworldisthis 1 Like


You seem to me to be a compassionate and caring person by what you have written. Although you seem to be missing the points I intended to make. I also have no problem with an open discussion about them. I won’t try to change your mind, just clarify some my points.

“1) This is a baby we are talking about, a person.”

I can’t agree with you more. And I am glad this baby will have a chance. No one has the right to force anyone into doing or not do anything against their will, especially when it comes to an abortion. As I previously said: “No doctor would perform a procedure on a 16 year old girl saying “I don’t want to have this done”, as the doctor as well as the parents would face criminal charges (and jail time). In fact the police would have been called pretty quickly.” The Texas fetal homicide law would insure that. I don’t think I can make that any clearer.

“2) If you are pro-life you cannot say, "but...." Either it is human life or it isn't. If it isn't then you don't have a reason to be Pro-life because it doesn't matter. If it is human life then there isn't a "but...."”

Here is what I said: “I consider myself pro-life, but I feel that neither I nor, any government has the right to dictate what a woman does with or to her own body. I also feel that abortion is not a means of birth control.” I will stand by that statement and still call myself Pro-Life. When our end comes as it does to all things. The final judgment doesn’t rest with any earthly court, judge, group, attorney or person. What we do in this life will be judged by a much higher authority on what we have done in this life if it was right or wrong.

“3) The idea that every young pregnant mother is on welfare is a myth.”

You are right, not every one of them does. Unfortunately the statistics are that most do. I left where the information came from so that what I quote can be fact checked. I also tried to pull from neutral sites that were giving just the facts, not opinion.

“Nearly 80 percent of teen mothers eventually go on welfare.” (Annie E. Casey Foundation, 1998).

“Parenthood is the leading reason that teen girls drop out of school. More than half of teen mothers never graduate from high school. “(Guttmacher Institute)

“In 2008, teen pregnancy and childbirth accounted for nearly $11 billion per year in costs to U.S. taxpayers for increased health care and foster care, increased incarceration rates among children of teen parents, and lost tax revenue because of lower educational attainment and income among teen mothers.” (HHS website)

“4) This father, though he is 16, didn't stand up for his baby because he wanted to be on Welfare. If skipping the bill was his intention he would have encouraged REK to kill his baby. He didn't. He stood up and took responsibility for his child. “

I am having the hardest time answering this. He did stand up and take responsibility for the baby, I will give you that. And here is where I am having a hard time. At 16, I am sure that neither of these kids have any idea of what getting married and having a baby costs. As stated in the court agreement if they had waited to get married, both the paternal and maternal grandparents have been responsible for the cost of having this baby, as well they should have been. As I have heard nothing about birth control pills or use of condoms the parents are the ones that should have shoulder most of the blame for this happening. As the girl was protected by the settlement and the court; these kids did not have to worry about any further “Physical Force” or “Psychological Coercion” they could have waited. As this was a “shotgun” wedding, I would like to know who was holding the shotgun.

“5) #4 speaks volumes to his character and I think he could teach a lot of men a thing about manhood. “

I hope you are right and this 16 year old father has the character to stand by his decision, his wife and baby. Unfortunately, the chances of them making it are very slim.


For the people commenting thus far.
1) This is a baby we are talking about, a person.
2) If you are pro-life you cannot say, "but...." Either it is human life or it isn't. If it isn't then you don't have a reason to be Pro-life because it doesn't matter. If it is human life then there isn't a "but...."
3) The idea that every young pregnant mother is on welfare is a myth. 
4) This father, though he is 16, didn't stand up for his baby because he wanted to be on Welfare. If skipping the bill was his intention he would have encouraged REK to kill his baby. He didn't. He stood up and took responsibility for his child. 
5) #4 speaks volumes to his character and I think he could teach a lot of men a thing about manhood. 
Thank you. 

rika 1 Like

To me this is so typical of the hypocrisy of the government officials in Texas. They want everyone to be pro-life, and keep their babies, even if they do not have the ability to take care of their basic needs. Then they go on the welfare system, which loses funding, because gov't officials don't want people to be dependent on the government for their livelihood. How does that seem fair? We the people who pay taxes end up funding the bill either way. So I think the government officials that make these decisions, should contribute to the help the baby fund.  Where is the conversation about adoption? There are so many people waiting to be parents who cannot have kids of their own. Why not give them a chance? 

Read more:

whatkindaworldisthis 4 Like

I have watched this case in the news and through internet searches. I have studied the comments both for and against. I consider myself prolife, but I feel that neither I nor, any government has the right to dictate what a woman does with or to her own body. I also feel that abortion is not a means of birth control. With that being said let me run down a few things.

When this story first broke on the news, most posted a link to the TCDL website that had the full law suit they had made public (now removed). On the very last page of the document was the girl’s full signature for all to see. How did this protect the girl’s identity? The document had the girl’s father and mother’s full name listed. Again how were they protecting the girl’s identity? No. They wanted the publicity so the girl’s interests be damned to push their agenda.

The document posted to their website painted the parents of the girl as the world’s worst parents and made many accusations. Are they true? Maybe, maybe not. It would seem that this was a multi front attack in order to spread smoke and mirrors. How does anyone start to try and defend yourself, and try to deal with your daughter’s teen pregnancy? You can’t. So you destroy the lives of two maybe three or four to save one. I guess that would be called “Collateral Damage”.

These attorneys, in what it would appear to be an overzealous attempt to gain publicity, sacrificed this entire family to the gods of breaking news. I wonder how Mrs. Burnside is going to hold up to the media microscope when it is pointed at her. As they were the supportive ones none of that matters, right? As with this article the Burnside’s are being held up as the most supportive parents in the world. As it turns out, as this article brings to light, teenage pregnancy is a family tradition.

Now that these kids are married, Now what? It would seem that the settlement posted to the TCDL website ( is null and void for the most part. This clears his parents and hers of any financial obligations for this pregnancy. What I see is these two on welfare with the state of Texas paying the bills. Or maybe there are other plans. Their Facebook page ( chronicles there adventure into parenthood, with an attached fund raiser link.

It seems that the boys’ parents, in complete support of this pregnancy and with the aid of two zealous attorneys looking for publicity have driven a wedge between the girl and her parents. Yes they probable were mad when they first learned of their daughter pregnancy. Yes they may have said some things that were said in the heat of the moment, but when push comes to shove the girl is still their daughter. When this blows up and she finds that what she has been told is not as magical as it was made out to be. They will be the ones to have to pick up the pieces.

maryellen116 3 Like


I also consider myself pro-life, and was initially horrified that any parent would actually try to bully their daughter into having an abortion (or not having one, or giving a child up for adoption, for that matter- they aren't the ones who will have to live with the consequences, for the rest of their lives). I haven't followed it as closely as you have, but yeah, it does seem like there's a little bit more to the story, and the girl's parents aren't quite the ogres they've been made out. 

That being said, while parents have absolutely no right to make this decision for their daughter, I don't know that they should be obligated to pay for her car or her cell-phone. Those are privileges- parents do not owe these things to their kids. Or they didn't used to.

whatkindaworldisthis 1 Like

I agree with you, but “bulling” only goes so far. The image that was painted was two parents dragging their daughter into a clinic to force her to have an abortion. No doctor would perform a procedure on a 16 year old girl saying “I don’t want to have this done”, as the doctor as well as the parents would face criminal charges. In fact the police would have been called pretty quickly. Then you really would have had a news story and a case, and then you could really have seen them as the “Ogre’s”.

On the other hand the Burnsides are being portrayed as “Guardian Angels” and the protectors of life. They got a pretty sweet deal too. As the two teens got married the next day after the agreement, the Burnsides are free and clear of any financial responsibilities for this baby as it falls to the two teens now. The girl comes with her own transportation that none of them paid for. Since the two teens don’t have a “Pot” or a “Window” it will fall to the state of Texas to provide for this child and the two teens. How convenient for the Burnsides.

I think that there is more than a “little more” to this story. To me it is smells like three day old fish. One last thing, I would be willing to bet that their “celebration crawfish boil” will be a fund raiser.

maryellen116 2 Like

@whatkindaworldisthis I feel like a mean and cynical person for saying so, but yeah, the crawfish boil may be just that. Than again, my own wedding wasn't exactly without gifts. But we had to invest in an actual wedding to get said gifts- like catering and an open bar.

MarcusTaylor 3 Like

So, how is she going to take care of this "little human being"?  Is she going to go on WELFARE?  Will she have to file for FOOD STAMPS? Will she use County Medical Services & Hospitals?


mtngoatjoe 3 Like

I wish free, long-term birth control was available to all females capable of having children. The number of unplanned pregnancies would plummet.

I'm speculating here, but I can't help but think that free birth control would cost taxpayers far less than the social safety net cost for unplanned pregnancies.

Babies are ALWAYS a blessing. Even when teenagers make mistakes. But that doesn't mean we shouldn't do the one simple thing that would prevent these life-altering consequences in the first place.


@mtngoatjoe I have an idea mtngoatjoe... let's fully fund birth control and do like China and force people to use it if their family, finances or the baby doesn't measure up to our standards... killing those people are always cheaper than feeding them. 


@mtngoatjoe Yes mtngoatjoe.... the state should fund birth control... because killing babies is a lot cheaper than feeding them. 

maryellen116 3 Like

@mtngoatjoe  Of course it would. It wouldn't eliminate teen pregnancies, for the same reasons putting seatbelts in cars doesn't convince teenagers to wear them, or to drive safely- they're teenagers, but it sure would help. For those who do want to be responsible, and who don't want to use abortion as a form of birth control, yes, absolutely they should have access to birth control and be encouraged to use it if they choose to be sexually active- boys and girls both.