Walking Can Reduce Breast Cancer Risk

Researchers credit vigorous exercise with lowering risk for the disease by 25 percent

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New research published in the journal Cancer, Epidemiology, Biomarkers & Prevention shows that exercise like walking may reduce a person’s risk for cancer. The researchers found that postmenopausal women who were very active or walked for at least seven hours a week had a reduced risk for breast cancer.

The researchers looked at a cohort of 73,615 postmenopausal women who reported their physical activity and found that women who participated in vigorous physical activity every day had a 25% lower risk for breast cancer, and women who walked for at least seven hours a week had a 14% lower risk for breast cancer.

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Given that 60% of women report some type of daily walking, the researchers say promoting walking as a leisure time activity can have protective benefits for women. Even without any other forms of exercise, women who walk had higher chances of keeping breast cancer at bay. Walking could be as beneficial to the body than say running and swimming. Research looking into the benefits of walking have shown that talking a brisk walk can help lower the risk for high blood pressure, high cholesterol and diabetes.

Other emerging research has sown that exercise may be as effective as medications in treating common diseases like heart disease and diabetes. A recent study published in the British Medical Journal compared the effect of exercise to drug therapy on four different health outcomes: heart disease, recovery from stroke, heart failure treatment and preventing diabetes. The study reported that there were no detectable differences between groups of participants using exercise as therapy and participants using medications when it came to preventing diabetes and preventing additional events for heart patients.

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“We look at our lifestyle today, and we are more and more sedentary as a population,” said Alpha Patel, author of the breast cancer study and a senior epidemiologist at the American Cancer Society. “We are seeing what happens when we introduce these activities into daily life.  We have more of an understanding about of the role of physical activity and obesity as it relates to cancer. Earlier research has shown the benefits of exercise for diabetes and obesity prevention, but we are learning more and more about it’s influence on cancer,” she says.

Federal experts recommend people exercise at a moderate intensity for about 2.5 hours a week. Fewer than half of Americans meet that recommendation, and a third of Americans don’t get any exercise at all.


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where can i find the study shes speaking of in Cancer Epidemiology, Biomarkers & Prevention


Walking can reduce breast cancer risk; walking cannot beat breast cancer. All men and postmenopausal women have no reason to develop iron deficiency anemia since they do not have monthly blood loss. Blood loss means iron loss. Iron is a mineral that helps the body make red blood cells. Iron is a well-known carcinogen and may favor breast tumors growth. In both animals and humans, primary tumors develop at body sites of excessive iron deposits. Physical activity (walking, running and swimming) cannot successfully neutralize large iron deposits, but can partly correct iron metabolism. According to the Ferromagnetic Cancer Theory (Theory from The Old Testament; Iron Conception), breast cancer is a subtle iron disease. Similar to many other cancers, breast cancer is initiated by accumulation of superparamagnetic, ferrimagnetic and ferromagnetic nanoparticles within pre-tumor cells. Intracellular molecules FeO;Fe2O3;Fe3O4 are the main creators of these nanoparticles. These nanoparticles chaotically distort DNA and shift chromosomes by local magnetic fields. Magnetically, breast cancer should be interpreted as intracellular superpara-ferri-ferromagnetic infection. Inherited Breast Cancer can be caused by Inherited Abnormal Iron Metabolism. Numerous specific genetic diseases and numerous environmental carcinogenic factors form breast cancer. According to American Cancer Society, inherited breast cancer can be caused by several different genes passed from parent to child, but the most common genes are BRCA1 and BRCA2. Scientists agree that breast cancer occurs when breast cells accumulate genetic mutations. Currently, scientists estimate that essentially all tumors are caused by between 200 and 400 mutated genes, many of which regulate molecular pathways responsible for cell growth. Scientists ignore cancer-iron information and invent cancer-genetic fables for Angelina Jolie and thousands of other women. Accurate anti-iron methods of The Old Testament can successfully beat breast cancer. Anti-iron intratumoral injections [sulfur (2%) + olive oil (98%); 36.6C - 39.0C] (by ceramic needles) can suppress any breast tumors and large metastases; can give harmless infiltrations (deposits of cells that die; harmless necroses; benign capsules). Anti-iron slow blood loss (even 75%) [hemoglobin control], anti-iron goat milk diet and anti-iron drinking water containing hydrogen sulfide can neutralize any micrometastases and isolated tumor cells.http://healthland.time.com/2013/10/04/walking-can-reduce-breast-cancer-risk/;http://healthland.time.com/2013/05/15/the-angelina-effect-times-new-cover-image-revealed/;http://www.medicalnewstoday.com/opinions/98171/;Together We (TIME, MNT and Shapoval) Will Beat CANCER


So,it's very healthy to walk everyday.For this reason,we should spare time to walk
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