Science Confirms: Children Are a Pain in the Neck

Looking for a happy marriage? Don't have kids.

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Jose Luis Pelaez / Iconica / Getty Images

A global survey of adults with and without children finds that the childless ones skew slightly higher on the contentment scale, according to Yahoo News.

Now for the caveats: In wealthy, English-speaking countries the differences between the two groups vanish. Both rated their happiness around 7 on a scale of one to 10. It’s in the lower-income countries where the contentment of parents takes a dip relative to their childless peers.

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The surveyors theorize that in these countries parents have children to help with farm work and household chores, “even when, on a purely personal level, they would rather not do so.” It’s this lack of choice that diminishes contentment. In other words, the pain of child rearing will feel like a pleasure so long as it’s self-inflicted.

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So, what is with all this sudden child-hate on Time now? Some people aren't "kid people", and others just want to have a family in life. How do you think people have survived having kids generation after generation, but now all of a sudden having kids makes you miserable, breaks you and your husband/wife up, etc. Maybe the problem isn't the innocent child you forced into the world with someone you already could barely get along with, and now you want to blame the looming responsibility of the child as the direct problem.

I used to be a drug addict, and when I started taking care of an ex-girlfriend's son watching him grow and play and seeing him happy just gave me a happiness and a high no drug could give me, and I never entertained the idea of myself being a father before. Some people want kids, and can handle having one in their life without it crumbling to the ground. People just need to grow up and mature before they start reproducing with just anyone.


American kids are indeed a pain in the neck because people fail to teach them otherwise In kid-obsessed America they are extremely rude, disrespectful, self-centered and unsanitary and it is adults' fault. The work around them is a never ending story because they are so disobedient, making the whole life disorganized. Just teach them basic obedience and respect, say "no" and strictly enforce it whenever necessary, do not adjust the whole world to them, give them chores to do and life will be much easier.  In responsible societies kids are not a pain in the neck.


If you are lucky enough to have children then I believe that your relationship with your children is what you make it.

I know quite a few couples who do not have children, a few are happy but the older they get they begin to feel that they have missed a great opportunity.

It would be a useful exercise to re visit the same people questioned in this article in 10 years and see what they think then.