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The Science of Dating: Wear Red

As any wedding singer or bartender can tell you, there’s a lot of really sappy songs that mention women who wear red. Turns out, there may be a reason: men are more attracted to them.

Girls Want to Talk About Sex — With Dad?

Mostly, the conversation that dare not speak its name, the most excruciating 25 minutes of either a parent or an offspring’s life, The Talk, is left to Mom. Make lunch, do laundry, figure out where the thing is that goes on that …

And You Think Your Kids Are Expensive

Kirk Kerkorian agreed on Oct. 22 to pay $100,000 month in child support, which sounds like a lot, although it’s not even $140 an hour. While Kerkorian is—forgive the business jargon—feculently, filthily rich, that’s still a …

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