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More American Families Rely on Working Wife

In the upcoming movie Made In Dagenham, current Brit eccentric darling Sally Hawkins plays Rita O’Grady, a factory worker and mother of two, who inspires 187 women machinists at Ford’s Dagenham plant in England to go out on …

How to Lose Facebook Friends the Fastest

Now that Facebook has been joined by about one in every 13 people on the planet, it’s attracting the attention of the academy. A study out of the University of Colorado, Denver has studied the top reasons for unfriending. Not, …

Is “Birth Rape” for Real?

Giving birth is not a modest affair. After a lifetime spent covering up your privates, there they are, front and center, splayed out for any ole doc or nurse to see.

Meet the Woman Who Gave Away Eight Kids

The British Daily Mail, perhaps in honor of the Nobel won Monday by IVF pioneer Robert Edwards, brings us up to date with the slow-food version of the Octomom. Jill Hawkins, a 45-year-old legal secretary, recently gave birth to her eighth child in 19 years, all now being raised other people.

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