Love & Relationships

Is Technology Making Us Lonelier?

Do digital methods of communication connect us the way interaction in the real world does? If we’re chatting online, are we really together? And what does it mean to be alive in the emerging world of artificial intelligence?

Why We Form Societies: It’s Our Big Babies

Newborns may seem tiny to their adoring moms and dads, but most other primate parents would disagree. According to Jeremy DeSilva, an anthropologist at Boston University, human babies weigh about 6% of what their mothers weigh, …

How Social Networks Spread Eating Disorders

Teens are undeniably influenced by those around them, and by what they see on social media from television to the internet. So what happens when western media infiltrates a remote island society?

Edwards Marrying Hunter. Really?

In a contest of reprehensibility, it’s hard to call who takes the blue ribbon among John Edwards, Rielle Hunter and the editors of the National Enquirer. In the latest installment, the Enquirer is reporting that Edwards has

Hef? The Marrying Kind?

There are two schools of thought on Hugh Hefner. According to one school, he’s a skeevy old has-been in his pajamas who created this cheesy media company in the dark ages that exploited both bunnies and women, and who now stars …

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