Doctors & Nurses

A Doctor’s View: Lessons from a Painful Heel

I love PRP. So far. Platelet rich plasma is a red liquid I have injected, to date, into five patient’s heels and four patient’s elbows. These people were probably going to need surgery. The foot patients had insertional Achilles …

The Lost Art of Doctoring

The baby was just not coming out. Not a very big problem — not in a birthing room in a world-famous obstetric hospital, where nurses, midwives and aides, and doctors, lots of them, were packed in cheek-by-jowl. The major …

Doctors Who Feel Your Pain Heal More Patients

Empathy is often seen as a nice — but nonessential — part of medicine. Indeed, for surgeons in the operating room, seeing the patient as a human being may actually be an obstacle to successful performance. At the bedside, …

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