Smokeless tobacco that looks too much like candy?

Researchers at the Harvard School of Public Health, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and Northern Ohio Poison Control Center argue that smokeless tobacco pellets manufactured by Camel look and taste so much like candy that their appeal to small children could put them at risk for poisoning. In a study released today by the

Making sense of the new maternal mortality data

Though the World Health Organization released a report last spring suggesting that maternal mortality had not improved in the last 30 years, with roughly half a million mothers dying during pregnancy and childbirth each year, a new study published online earlier this week in the journal The Lancet found that the number of maternal deaths

Calling on health insurers to drop fast food stock

Health insurance companies in the U.S., Canada and Europe hold nearly $1.9 billion in fast-food company stock, according to a new study from researchers at Harvard Medical School and the department of medicine at Cambridge Health Alliance. In the study, published this week in the American Journal of Public Health researchers examined

The weathering effect: cumulative hardship and health

Not knowing where your food will come from, where you will live, or if there will be heat in your home day to day or week to week can certainly be stressful for anyone. But, according to new research published this week in the journal Pediatrics, the cumulative effect of these hardships can be detrimental to children’s health. The impact

Preventing childhood obesity from pregnancy on

While applauding the First Lady’s efforts to combat childhood obesity through the Let’s Move initiative, researchers from the Department of Pediatrics at the University of California, San Francisco say that the campaign’s efforts focused primarily on behavioral and nutritional intervention—in school or at home—will yield “limited

A pill that can tell if it’s been taken?

Imagine a pill that could tell your doctor whether you’ve actually taken it, or tell researchers conducted a clinical trial whether you’re using the medication as instructed. Rizwan Bashirullah, an assistant professor of electrical and computer engineering at the University of Florida, is working to develop exactly that. By applying

Many abused women view partners as “dependable”

In spite of physical, sexual or psychological abuse, many women in abusive relationships with men continue to view their partners as dependable, and some describe them as having positive traits such as being affectionate, according to a new study conducted by researchers at St. Michael’s Hospital in Toronto and Adelphi University in

Eating disorder diagnoses may be too narrow

The majority of patients diagnosed with eating disorders do not have bulimia or anorexia, according to criteria from the current Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM-IV), but instead suffer from what are known as “eating disorders not otherwise specified” (EDNOS)—illnesses effectively defined by what they aren’t.

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