Moldy-smelling Tylenol recalled

Johnson & Johnson, the company that manufacturers Tylenol, issued a voluntary recall of several batches of Tylenol, Motrin and Rolaids products in light of reports that the pills were giving off “an unusual moldy, musty, or mildew-like odor,” and had been linked to bouts of diarrhea, vomiting and abdominal pain in a small number of

Should weight factor into antibiotic dosage?

Most antibiotics and antimicrobial medications are prescribed to adults based on broad dosage recommendations that do not take individual body mass into account, a system that is outdated, according to an editorial published in the current issue of the British medical journal The Lancet. Whereas children’s antibiotic dosing is generally

With chronic sleep loss, you can’t always catch up

While occasional loss of sleep—pulling an all-nighter to wrap up a big project, for example—can generally be made up for by getting more hours of sleep in the following days, people who regularly skimp on sleep may not be able to undo the detrimental effects with the occasional lie-in, according to a new study published in the

E. Coli in the fountain soda supply?

Soda fountains may dispense more than Diet Coke and Dr. Pepper, according to new research to be published this month in the International Journal of Food Microbiology. In an analysis of 90 soda and water samples taken from fountains in 30 different fast food restaurants in the Roanoke Valley region of Virginia, researchers from Hollins

Preventing girls’ knee injuries on the soccer field

With the increasing popularity of soccer around the world comes a corresponding uptick in soccer-related injuries. And considering that fútbol fever has grown particularly rapidly among women in recent years—the number of female soccer players grew by 19% between 2000 and 2006, to 26 million players—female futbolistas have been

Stroke patients may get more aggressive care on weekends

Patients who suffer a stroke on the weekends may receive more aggressive care in hospitals compared with those who have a stroke on a weekday, according to new research published in the Archives of Neurology. Drawing on previous research that suggested that heart attack patients admitted on weekends may not receive the same quality of

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