Interfering with mosquitoes’ sex lives to combat malaria?

Researchers from Imperial College London may have come up with a novel way to reduce the risk of malaria—interrupting the fertilization process among mosquitoes who carry the disease. The Anopheles gambiae species of mosquito, which is largely responsible for the transmission of malaria throughout Africa, mates only once in a lifetime,

A case of canine swine flu

A dog from the New York City suburb of White Plains is the first in the nation to have a case of H1N1 flu, according to the Associated Press. The 13-year-old male mixed breed, who is now recovering, was taken to a veterinary hospital in Bedford Hills, New York, after showing signs of breathing problems. The dog supposedly caught the flu

I really do feel your pain

A new study published in the journal Pain suggests that sympathizing with others’ discomfort may be entail more than kind words, and that for some people, witnessing others in pain actually does light up parts of the brain associated with pain-processing. Researchers at the University of Birmingham in England recruited 108 college

One dose of H1N1 vaccine may be enough for children

Though current guidelines call for two doses of the H1N1 vaccine for children under age 10, according to new research that will be published in the January 6 issue of the Journal of the American Medical Association, one swine flu shot may offer sufficient protection for infants and young children. As Alice Park reports for TIME:


How healthy is your tap water?

Outdated water standards may mean people are drinking tap water that is legally clean, but likely unhealthy, according to a series of investigative reports from Charles Duhigg at the New York Times. While some 60,000 chemicals may be present in the public water supply, only 91 are currently regulated by the Environmental Protection

The subtle influence of race bias on TV

A new study from researchers at Tufts University finds that, even when we’re not aware of it, we take cues from subtle demonstrations of race bias. In a series of four studies, which included the analysis of 11 popular prime time shows that feature black and white characters of comparable social status—including Grey’s Anatomy, House

Which gives you a worse hangover, bourbon or vodka?

The fermenting process that transforms corn and other grains into bourbon, and converts potatoes, grains—and increasingly grapes and other elements—into vodka, not only produces alcohol, but also byproducts known as congeners. And, according to research to be published next March in the journal Alcoholism: Clinical and Experimental

A McNugget Martini?

Two innovative self-described drinking buddies from Los Angeles introduced the world to a novel hybrid cocktail and dollar menu by creating the McNuggetini, the New York Times reports. The drink, which combines a McDonald’s chocolate shake with vanilla vodka, barbecue sauce around the rim and a McNugget as garnish, is not the duo’s only

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