breast cancer

Alcohol may increase risk of breast cancer recurrence

For breast cancer survivors, regular consumption of alcohol may increase the risk for a recurrence of the disease, according to research presented this week at a conference of the American Association for Cancer Research in Houston. In a study of nearly 1,900 women who had initially been diagnosed with early stage breast cancer between

Former Kiss Drummer Battled Breast Cancer

Peter Criss grew concerned after he noticed a small lump in his left breast. When the Catman, as he was known during his days as the make-up smeared drummer for Kiss, noticed that the lump was growing larger and more painful, he decided to see a doctor. After a series of tests, he soon learned that he had breast cancer, the Associated

Breast cancer survivors: Time to pump it up

Breast cancer surgeons have long wagged their fingers at patients warning them never to lift anything over 15 pounds, especially if lymph nodes were taken during surgery. Well, for any woman with a child (or groceries for that matter) the limitation is annoying at best, disempowering at worst.

That advice was rooted in the fear that …

Breast cancer diagnosis hits well-educated women hardest

For any woman, a breast cancer diagnosis is a sucker punch to the gut, but a new Australian study finds that more well-educated women fare worse psychologically than their less-educated peers. For the cohort study, 1,684 women were recruited within 12 months of being diagnosed with invasive breast cancer. Each woman completed a standard, …

Think before you drink for your health

In our science-via-soundbite culture, it’s easy to glom onto health news that validates the things we love—what? coffee might prevent Alzheimer’s? pass the triple Americano—and ignore headlines that threatens to dampen the fun, such as the drawbacks of drinking.

Everyone’s heard the news that moderate drinking may thwart heart …

Breastfeeding may lower risk of cancer

Women who breastfeed appear to have lower risk of developing pre-menopausal breast cancer than those who don’t, according to a new study released today in in the Archives of Internal Medicine. The stats are especially compelling for women with a family history of the disease. Among that group, women in the study who’d breastfed had just …

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