cancer prevention

A Bra That Detects Cancer?

A new bra from First Warning Systems claims a series of sensors embedded in the cups can pick up temperature changes in breast tissue and alert doctors to the presence of malignant cells. Read the full story in our companion blog …

Beating cancer with prevention

Some 40% of cancers could be prevented with simple lifestyle changes and higher levels of protection from cancer-causing infections, according to experts at the International Union Against Cancer (UICC). Cancer-causing infections are responsible for 22% of deaths in the developing world, and 6% of deaths in the developed world, according

Hops compound may help prevent prostate cancer

Prostate cancer researchers are enthusiastic about new findings that suggest a natural compound found in hops plants might help to prevent the disease. The findings were presented this week at the Cancer Prevention Research Conference, hosted by the American Association for Cancer Research in Houston. Earlier research into the compound