Which Low-Carb Diet Is Healthiest?

Many clinical trials (and blockbuster diet plans, from Scarsdale to South Beach to The China Study) have supported the idea that reducing the intake of simple carbohydrates — white breads, pasta, rice and sugar — leads to …

Can Eating Vegetables Prevent Lung Cancer?

If you smoke, you know you’re putting yourself at increased risk of lung cancer. But if you boost the variety of fruits and vegetables that you eat, you may be able to lower those odds a bit.

Scientists in Europe report in the American Association for Cancer Research’s journal that smokers who consumed the greatest variety of fruits …

Study: brown rice linked with lower risk of type 2 diabetes

For most people around the world, it’s a staple food. In the U.S., rice is becoming increasingly popular as well — since the 1930s, Americans’ rice consumption has grown threefold to about 21 lbs. per person a year. So it bears asking whether rice is a healthy dietary choice.

A new study led by researchers at the Harvard School of …

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