House M.D.

House Watch: When Luck Takes Over

House M.D. is usually obsessed with lying, but last night it reached for a lesson in luck. What happens if you win the lottery but also develop three different types of cancer at once?

House Watch: Can Canned Pheasant Kill You?

House lost a team member last night, and he didn’t save a life. A recap and the diagnoses are below, but first the standard spoiler alert: if you haven’t watched the episode, “Last Temptation,” order some chicken and fire

House Watch: What Causes Obsessive Hoarding?

“The bitch is back,” House says in last night’s episode, “The Dig,” which featured the return of Olivia Wilde, who had been off filming Tron: Legacy, Cowboys & Aliens and other movies. Our little Thirteen is quickly …

House Watch: Return to the Dark Side

Like any show in its latter days, House M.D. has struggled during its seventh season to do two things: seem relevant to young audiences and also stay true to the procedural rhythms that have made it a reliable slot in the Fox …

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