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Examining ‘male menopause’: myth or malady?

In medical terms, it’s called late-onset hypogonadism — the gradual decline of the male hormone testosterone beginning in middle age, right around the time men also start gaining weight, losing muscle mass, feeling depressed and suffering from sleep problems, weakness and, most notably, sexual dysfunction.

Whether these changes are …

How cancer treatment impacts sexual intimacy

For cancer patients, sexual dysfunction is often a long-term side effect of treatment, and can have a significant impact on quality of life. To better understand long-term sexual dysfunction in cancer patients, and develop therapies tailored to their needs, researchers from Duke University argue that there is a “need for a flexible,

Viagra for women?

Some of the best inventions come about by accident—take corn flakes, for example, silly putty, or, of course, Viagra, which was originally designed as a heart medication. And now, in the tradition of accidental innovation, a team of U.S. researchers are hopeful that while their attempt to create a successful antidepressant for women