Parental controls: getting children to watch less TV

To get your kids to watch less television, a study suggests a simple solution for parents: set firm rules and stick with them.

In a study of the screen-gazing habits of 7,415 9-to-15-year-olds — which included watching TV and playing video and computer games — researchers found that children who strongly agreed with the statement …

When too much screen time can be a pain

For some teens, more time spent in front of the TV or computer screen may mean a greater likelihood for recurring headache and backache, according to new research published this week in the journal BMC Public Health. For the study, a team of researchers from Finland, Norway, Iceland, Denmark and Sweden analyzed TV, computer and video

What medical TV shows get wrong about seizures

Medical TV shows may often be overly melodramatic, but many of the health emergencies they depict do happen in real life. (That is, perhaps, with a notable exception of preventing a bomb from exploding inside a patient’s abdomen, eh hem, Grey’s Anatomy.) And, as a result, when it comes to learning the basics about how to cope should a

Cut back TV time, burn more calories

It may seem obvious that spending less time lounging on the couch may help burn more calories, but a team of researchers from the University of Vermont recently confirmed that cutting back daily TV time increases the amount of calories you burn. The study, published last month in the journal Archives of Internal Medicine, included 36

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