Access denied: Many high-priority adults can’t get the HINI vaccine

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The vast majority of adults who tried to get the H1N1 vaccine for themselves or their children have been unable to do so, according to a new national poll from the Harvard School of Public Health.

Since the H1N1 vaccine became available last month, 41% of parents and 21% of high-priority adults (including those who live with or care for a child less than 6 months of age, pregnant women, and health care workers) have attempted to get vaccinated.

But few succeeded. According to Harvard’s poll, only 30% of adults scored the H1N1 vaccine. The number who succeeded rose slightly—to 34%—among those in the high-priority category. Overall, 70% and 64% (respectfully) of all adults seeking the vaccine were turned away.

Turned away maybe but hardly turned off.

Of those who failed to get the coveted new flu vaccine, 91% said they’ll try again later.