NYC condom wrapper competition

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In an effort to promote condom use, New York City health officials are opening up package design of the NYC Condom to creative Big Apple residents. Health officials say that the debut of the NYC Condom on Valentine’s Day 2007 drove a jump in condom distribution—half a year after the New York City subway-inspired wrappers on Lifestyle condoms came out, distribution of the prophylactic increased to nearly three million per month—and they are hopeful that drawing the public in to design a special edition wrapper will similarly promote condom use.

Anyone age 17 or older who lives in New York City is eligible to participate in the competition, and entries—limited to one per person—are due no later than midnight on January 22, 2010. The original artwork will be printed on a 2.3 inch square condom wrapper, and the special edition condom will be distributed in the fall of next year. (Download a PDF of the competition rules here, or learn more about the contest on their Facebook page.)