If You Can Balance On One Leg, You Might Live Longer

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We’ve all known that physical fitness and dexterity are related, and that fitness and longevity are related. But who knew that dexterity and long life had a correlation all their own?

Researchers from the MRC Unit for Lifelong Health and Aging at University College London looked at four types of physical capability among men and women of an average 70 years old: grip strength, walking speed, standing balance and “chair rises” (how quickly and smoothly one goes from a sitting to standing position). Strength in all of these areas was associated with a reduction in mortality. While most of these factors indicate overall physical fitness, grip strength doesn’t necessarily. Surprisingly, it was still related to longevity among those under 60.

Now yogis can feel smug that cardiovascular exercise like jogging isn’t the only route to long life. Tree pose (seen above) will do just fine.

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