Sex and the City of Indianapolis

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Dimitri Vervitsiotis

According to a new study by the Journal of Abdominal Obsession, um, I mean, Men’s Health magazine, Indianapolis is the most sexually satisfied city in America. Followed by two cities in Ohio and another city in Indiana.

The folks at Mens Health, who would never, ever do a linkbait study just to attract readers, based this on condom sales, birth rates and the number of sex toys bought every year. (More on Girls Kissing Girls: Explaining the Trend)

Here’s another metric: closeness to the coasts. None of the top 10 sexually satisfied cities are. Political conviction: most the top 10 don’t have much. Many of them are in swing(ing) states, red in ’04, blue in ’08.

No beach to go and a lack of ideology — maybe there’s just not enough free fun things to do in those places besides getting it on?

Just asking. Not judging. I didn’t even look where New York City came. Honest.

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