FDA Clears One Egg Farm to Resume Sales to Consumers

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Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

On Oct. 18, Hillandale Farms in Hampton, Iowa, sent its first batch of fresh eggs to market since the massive Iowa egg recall in August, during which 1,600 people fell ill and a total of 550 million eggs were pulled from shelves due to salmonella contamination. The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approved sales of eggs from three of Hillandale’s egg-producing facilities, though four more remain closed until the agency can do further testing. (More on Time.com: Salmonella-Tainted ‘Family Farm’ in the Spotlight — on Farm Aid’s 25th Anniversary).

Meanwhile, Wright County Egg, the other farm involved in the recall, received another warning letter from the FDA dated Oct. 15 for failing to take care of rodent infestations, overflowing manure, swarms of flies and maggots and other health code violations. Wright County Egg is owned by Jack DeCoster, who was responsible for 330 million of the total eggs recalled last summer.

Since August, both companies have continued to sell eggs to facilities that pasteurize them, rendering them salmonella-free. The pasteurized eggs are then processed into products such as cake mixes that require a long shelf life. (More on Time.com: Egg Investigation Heads to Maine).

Both companies are still under criminal investigation by the FDA and the Justice Department.

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