5 Ways to Beat the Winter Doldrums

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On Sunday, Nov. 7, Americans will turn their clocks back from Daylight Saving Time, losing an hour of light in the early evening. For many, this means the start of another dull and dreary winter.

But for nearly 10% of Americans, the oncoming darkness and chill may trigger a more serious seasonal depression, a condition known as seasonal affective disorder (SAD). Symptoms of SAD, which can include anxiety, oversleeping, social withdrawal and weight gain, typically begin each year in late fall or early winter, lifting again in spring or summer. (In some cases, the condition comes on in spring or summer instead.) It tends to strike more often in women, people who live in northern climates and those who have a family history of depression.

Whether you suffer from mild symptoms of seasonal affective disorder or a passing case of winter blues, there are lots of home remedies that can help lift your mood. Here are a few ways to brighten the season.

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