Dos and Don’ts: Finding Your Perfect Sports Bra

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Female athlete standing holding shoes, back view

From aerodynamic track shoes to the sleekest Speedos, having the right gear for the game is essential for athletes. For women, it starts with a good sports bra.

Last week, in a fitness column for the Washington Post, Vicky Hallett wrote about the latest in sports bra technology, and laid out some helpful tips for finding the right bra in the right size for the right sport. Hallett reported:

[Sports] bras are beginning to rival shoes as the most technical of all sporting apparel. When the Jogbra was born in 1977, two jockstraps stitched together were a revelation. These days, the science that goes into corralling women’s chests is much more extensive, with garments designed to smush in and hold up while wicking moisture, feeling comfortable and — hopefully — looking good.

There are runners’ bras that focus on controlling figure-eight breast movement, bras for basketball players that rein in up-down bounce, and yet others that minimize the lateral swing of tennis players. But in terms of sports bra advances, Hallett writes: “The best news is for well-endowed women.”

Read the full Post “MisFits” column here.