Botox Treatments, Coming to a Dentist’s Office Near You?

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Dentists are all about making sure you maintain a youthful smile. So why not throw some Botox in to the mix, and help you ditch those frown lines while they’re at it?

The Minneapolis Star-Tribune reports that some dentists have started doing just that. At least half a dozen Twin Cities dentists advertise cosmetic Botox and dermal filler treatments in addition to their traditional job of tending to your pearly whites.

Dentists already use Botox to treat dental problems like┬átemporomandibular joint (TMJ) disorders, but some want to include the drug’s cosmetic applications, saying it’s not only good for business but also a logical extension of what dentists already do. (More on Botox Manufacturer: $600 Million Poorer, But Close to New Uses)

“As a dentist, I’m very well-trained in the musculature and anatomy of the face and I feel no other doctor can give an injection better than a qualified and experienced dentist,” Dr. Michael Skadron, a dentist who offers cosmetic Botox treatments in Minneapolis, told the Star-Tribune. Eventually, he says he’d like to see 10% of his business coming from non-dental, cosmetic procedures, the paper reports.

In Minnesota, dentists are free to administer Botox as long as they abide by the same standards of care that specialists do. But other states like California and Nevada maintain that the use of Botox for cosmetic purposes falls outside the scope of general dentistry.

Read the full Star-Tribune story here.

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