Are the Astronauts Trying to Get Even Higher?

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Caspar Benson/fstop/Corbis

For the second time in two years, cocaine has been found in a NASA facility. On March 7, 4.2 grams of a white, powdery substance, which tested positive for cocaine, was discovered at the Kennedy Space Center, a NASA executive officer told CNN.

Exactly where in the NASA center the coke (a bit over an eightball, or eighth of an ounce, in street terms) was found hasn’t been confirmed. NASA, of course, has a zero-tolerance drug policy.

In 2010, a small bag of cocaine powder was found in a “processing facility,” where the space shuttle Discovery “was being readied for flight,” according to the network.

Which raises the question: is someone desperate to be the first person to snort coke in space? And how will they keep their lines from floating away?

[h/t @DaveMosher]