Introducing the Healthland Podcast

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Scott Dunlap / Getty Images

Welcome to the inaugural edition of the Healthland Podcast! Click this little arrow for a lively, off-the-cuff discussion of the week’s health/science news.

Host John Cloud, senior writer at TIME and Healthland, leads the conversation with Sora Song, the editor of Healthland, and Belinda Luscombe, editor-at-large of TIME magazine and a Healthland contributor.

This week we discuss:

*The psychology of the Casey Anthony trial: why so many people can’t turn away.

*New studies of fatherhood that suggest the proportion of fatherless (and under-fathered) children is growing.

*The new FDA regulations on sunscreen labeling. Do you need SPF 100?

Finally, we have brief “Field Notes”: bits of health and science reporting from our notebooks.

Below you will find links for the topics we discussed. The Healthland Podcast is still a work in progress, and we welcome any comments and suggestions. Please send them to Also, you can follow us on Twitter @JohnAshleyCloud, @sora_song, and @youseless.


The psychology behind the Casey Anthony obsession

The forensic science of the Casey Anthony trial

“The Fathering Gap”: The pitfalls of modern fatherhood

At long last, the FDA makes sunscreen labeling less confusing


The flavored-milk ban

The power of magic mushrooms

How dead men become parents