The Healthland Podcast: Diets, Divorce and Cigarettes

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Scott Dunlap / Getty Images

On the podcast this week: results from a major Harvard study on how to eat right. Also, a controversial new trend in how some divorced parents are raising their children. And finally, the war over government labeling of cigarettes and junk food. Click below to listen.

As usual, our panel includes Belinda Luscombe, editor-at-large of TIME magazine and a regular Healthland contributor; Sora Song, the editor of Healthland; and host John Cloud, a senior writer at TIME and Healthland.

You can follow us on Twitter @JohnAshleyCloud, @sora_song, and @youseless. (Listeners are invited to nominate new Twitter handles for Ms. Luscbome!)

Some links for today’s segments:

Sora’s piece on the new diet recommendations, plus the New England Journal of Medicine paper.

A gallery of the new tobacco warning labels. And a piece from NPR’s Shots blog on junk-food labeling.

Field Notes:

Stress and the city: how urban life changes your brain

Does ovulation improve gaydar?

—The wolf hunt in Idaho

The podcast is a work in progress, so please e-mail any suggestions and comments to