The Healthland Podcast: Restaurant Calories, Nutraceuticals, and Sexting

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This week on the podcast, we discuss three topics: How restaurant chains may mislead you when writing their menus; whether nutraceuticals work; and new data on the perils of sexting. To hear the podcast, click this play button:

TIME health writer Alice Park (@AliceParkNY) is sitting in this week while Healthland editor Sora Song is away. Alice discusses her story on menu calorie counts.

John (@JohnAshleyCloud) previews his upcoming TIME story on nutraceuticals and whether they work.

And Belinda (@youseless) discusses new research showing that, among teenagers who have just arrived at college, sexting is wildly prevalent and possibly dangerous.

In our Field Notes section, Alice discussed her story on how bedside manner could affect your health. Belinda talked about how feelings about your body size might affect feelings about your sex life. And John recommended the CDC’s spectacular animated map showing just how quickly obesity has increased in the U.S. since 1985.

See you next week!