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Is Divorce Counseling for Happily Married Women Really Necessary?

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The marriage statistics have been drilled into everyone’s heads: half of all “I do’s” end up as “I don’ts.” But now, news of a new service that counsels happily married women on the ins and outs of divorce has some people wondering about tempting fate.

Last month, Manhattan divorce attorney Jeff Landers spoke with CBS New York about the importance of advising women who have no intention of leaving their husbands about what they’d need to know if they changed their minds. Consider it a marital insurance policy.

On the website  for his firm, Bedrock Divorce, he makes the case that, for female business owners, “”divorce-proofing … is a part of a sound financial plan, like any other risk management you would normally undertake — after all, you have insurance to protect you against other unforeseen events.” And for women who don’t have businesses, it’s time to get informed about the family finances.

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Trouble is, contends Landers, many women don’t know the details of how much their family is worth. They don’t know how much their husband earns, how much they spend each month and where their money is invested. On ForbesWoman, he writes:

Just because a woman is “happily married,” doesn’t mean she shouldn’t have a solid, working knowledge of her financial status, cash flow and net worth. Researchers cite “concerns about money” as one of the number one triggers for marital arguments and conflict, and personally, I feel that many of these worries are based on misunderstanding and miscommunication. Why not eliminate some of this confusion before it causes trouble?

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