The Healthland Podcast: How Exercise and TV Affect Life Expectancy. Also: The Divorce Stigma

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This week we debate exercise—can just 15 min. a day really help? Also, we discuss whether watching TV can shorten your life and the persistent stigma against divorce. Click the play button below to listen immediately or click here to subscribe for free on iTunes.

John Cloud (@JohnAshleyCloud), a senior writer for TIME and Healthland, leads the discussion this week with Healthland editor Sora Song (@sora_song) and assistant managing editor Susanna Schrobsdorff.

John was skeptical about the news that just 15 min. of exercise per day can lead to a longer life. Sora talked about a study showing that watching TV can shorten your life (read Alice Park’s story about the study here). And Susanna discussed the continuing stigma against divorce.

In the Field Notes, John recommended the journalism of Maia Szalavitz, who writes about many health topics but with particular elegance about addiction. Read Maia’s story here about the controversial new definition of addiction as well as her reaction to the death of Amy Winehouse here.

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