The Healthland Podcast: “The Sibling Effect”

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Welcome back to the podcast! Click the play button below to listen immediately, or click here to subscribe for free on iTunes.

This week, while our usual host John Cloud (@JohnAshleyCloud) is off crisscrossing the nation on a reporting trip, Belinda Luscombe (@youseless) and I (@sora_song) hold down the fort. Our guest for the podcast is Jeff Kluger (@jeffreykluger), TIME senior editor, enthusiastic Healthland contributor and the author of the new book The Sibling Effect.

Jeff talks about all the ways in which your sibling relationships might have messed you up — er, shaped you — so if you grew up with a brother or sister, or have kids of your own, you should tune in.

Also, check out the video made by Valerie Lapinski, who also produces our podcast, in which Jeff expands on what happens when parents play favorites with their kids:

Here’s to John’s safe and speedy return to the office. See you next week.