The Healthland Podcast: Killer Cantaloupe, Bullying, and Friend Networks

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This week on the podcast, we discuss how to avoid listeria infection from fruit, the best ways to prevent bullying and new research on how people in more diverse environments end up having blander groups of friends. Click the play button below to hear the show, or listen (and subscribe for free) on iTunes.

John (@JohnAshleyCloud) is back this week after reporting on bullying in Texas and Washington. He mentioned the heartbreaking case of Jamey Rodemeyer, 14, whose suicide has inspired Lady GaGa to ask President Obama to redouble anti-bullying efforts.

Sora mentioned Alice Park’s story on listeria in cantaloupe, which has triggered the deadliest outbreak of food-borne illness in a decade — and how you can prevent getting sick.

And Belinda discussed some counterintuitive research from a Wellesley College psychologist on how students at bigger, more diverse schools tended to have friends who were more like them. Students at smaller colleges, meanwhile, tended to have a more diverse social network and closer friendships.

In our Field Notes, John asked listeners to e-mail him at on the topic of sleeping pills. Is Ambien addictive? And what are your methods for treating insomnia?

Please comment on any of these topics below. We check the comments throughout the week. Thanks and see you next week.