The Healthland Podcast: Super Broccoli, Yo-Yo Dieting, and Why Toddlers Are Terrible

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Welcome back! This week on the podcast: why dieters can’t seem to keep the weight off, a new breed of super broccoli that promises to lower your cholesterol, and research suggesting that kids’ aggression can be traced back to Mom. Listen by clicking the play button below, or go to iTunes. Better yet, download the podcast to your mobile device — and subscribe for free so that it’s updated each week automatically.

For reference while listening, here are the stories we discussed:

This week, in the absence of our usual stalwart host, John Cloud (@JohnAshleyCloud) — momentarily felled by a nasty bug that’s been going around (feel better, John!) — TIME editor-at-large and podcast regular Belinda Luscombe (@youseless) deftly took over the reins. We also welcomed TIME senior editor and resident food-obsessive Julie Rawe (@julierawe) as a first-time guest.

With thanks to our indefatigable producer, Valerie Lapinski (@lapinski), we all had a lot of fun chatting this week, so I hope you’ll have fun listening.

Please leave your thoughts and comments below. (You’ve got to give John something to do while he’s laid up.) See you next week!