The Healthland Podcast: Sexual Abuse, Memory and the Painkiller Epidemic

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This week on the podcast, we use the Penn State and Herman Cain cases as a starting point for a discussion of the complicated relationships among sexual abuse, sexual harassment, trauma and memory. We also discuss the dramatic rise in opioid painkiller overdose deaths. Click on the play button below to listen immediately, or subscribe to this podcast for free on iTunes. Warning: This podcast contains discussion of explicit charges of sexual abuse that may not be appropriate for all listeners.

In our discussion of the sex scandal at Penn State, John referred to a smart USA Today piece that got into the psychological difficulty of witnessing or learning of a sexual crime committed by someone you know. That difficulty may have played a role in Penn State officials’ negligence in reporting the horrific crimes alleged against one of their own. Our own Bonnie Rochman also wrote a nice piece about how to talk to kids about the case and how much we can trust coaches, Boy Scout leaders and others with our children.

John also discussed his piece on the conviction of Dr. Conrad Murray in Michael Jackson’s death, the cultural history of OD’ing in America, and the rise in unintentional painkiller deaths. He also mentioned Maia Szalavitz’s article urging that the Murray conviction not be turned into a push to deprive needed drugs for patients in pain.

In our Field Notes, John recommended a terrific New York Times article on the closures of hospitals in low-income neighborhoods. Sora discussed Alice Park’s piece that defends (sort of) salt consumption. And Belinda talked about her post on why young men are living longer with their parents before moving out.

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See you next week!