The Healthland Podcast: The Obesity and Weight Loss Special

Welcome to our first show of 2012. This week, we're talking about the latest research on shedding holiday pounds.

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Here’s a recap for this week:

Sora is away, but John kicked off the podcast with a discussion of a new study showing that obesity may actually damage the brain in a way that makes it much more difficult to lose weight. (Read Laura Blue’s story about the study here.)

Belinda then recapped Alice Park’s piece on why kids in day care aren’t getting enough exercise, which led to a debate about Bonnie Rochman’s article on Georgia’s controversial new anti-obesity ads. The ads feature unflattering pictures of overweight children dressed in tight clothing. You can see some of the photos here.

Thanks for joining us. We hope to bring a healthy debate to every week this year. Please comment below or comment on our Facebook page. You can also e-mail John directly, See you next week.