The Healthland Podcast: Grief and Heartbreak, Breastfeeding, and Memory

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This week, we discuss how grief can break your heart, surprising findings on nicotine and memory, and why Sesame Street no longer shows breastfeeding.

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Here’s a recap:

Belinda hosts this week in John’s stead, and Alice Park sits in for Sora. Alice talks about her story about how the loss of a loved one can trigger heart attacks.

Belinda reflects on the controversy surrounding breast feeding over the past few decades, triggered by this piece by Bonnie Rochman about a group that is petitioning to see breast feeding discussions return to Sesame Street. (Click over to her story to see vintage video of breastfeeding on the show, featuring a very curious Big Bird.)

Alice describes a story by Maia Szalavitz on a surprising benefit to nicotine patches – improved memory. And Belinda chimes in with a story by Laura Blue on the real age that cognitive decline begins. It’s younger than you might think.

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