IVF Breakthrough With First Successful Abdominal Ovarian Tissue Graft Pregnancy

Mom-to-be says she's "excited" to be expecting twin girls despite having second ovary removed seven years ago

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Peter Dazeley / Getty Images

Scan of a 12-week-old fetus

In a world first, doctors in Australia have helped a woman get pregnant using ovarian tissue grafted into her abdomen. Identified only as Vali, the mom-to-be had the tissue frozen seven years ago when her second ovary was removed. Now she is 25-weeks pregnant, following treatment at Melbourne IVF and the Royal Women’s Hospital.

“It’s two girls. We’re pretty excited. A bit freaked out,” she says.

Seven months after the graft was implanted into her abdominal wall, two follicles developed following a gentle cycle of IVF hormone treatment. Two eggs were then retrieved and transferred to the uterus.

“Ultrasound tests have shown that the twin pregnancy is proceeding normally,” said associate professor Kate Stern. Although 29 births around the world have been achieved by grafting ovarian tissue back into the pelvis, this is the first sustained pregnancy through a graft elsewhere in the body.