These Dads Are Awesome: 5 Viral Parenting Videos

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Four kids in Atlanta are living the dream: their dad is a part-time superhero. Blake Wilson, a father of four, is quickly becoming a social media sensation known as “BatDad.” In his Vine videos, Wilson dons a Batman mask and films footage of himself parenting as BatDad. “I’m just a normal dad with four kids and a wife having fun with them. We live a very normal life,” Wilson tells the Today Show.

Watch below for a glimpse into the spectacle that is BatDad (a personal favorite at 0:55), and more viral parenting videos we can’t get enough of.

BatDad Vines

Laptop-Shooting Dad
Who can forget the lesson one dad taught his daughter about posting a Facebook complaint about chores? The eight-minute long rant ends with the fed-up father putting a bullet through his daughter’s new laptop, and has racked up over 36,600.000 views. Read more, here.

Lotte Time Lapse
Frans Hofmeester, a Dutch photographer, filmmaker and father in Utrecht, The Netherlands relied on time-lapse to create a moving and growing portrait of his daughter Lotte from age 0 to 12. “I noticed a subtle change in the way she looked,” Hofmeester recalls. “She wasn’t the same as the week before that. I thought, I have to capture this image otherwise I will forget what she looked like.” Read more, here.

How To Stop Her Crying
To stop a tantrum in its tracks, one father has perfected the art of distraction. And many may be following suit, as the video has over five million views.

I’m Daddy and I Know It
Chad Morton, father of five, hilariously parodies LMFAO’s “Sexy and I Know It”, daddy-style. It’s complete with juggling diapers and Morton giving viewers a suggestive eye-brow raise as he loads his groceries and five tots into his mini-van.