Killer Hangover? Blame Your Wine Glass

The color, shape and size of what you drink affects how much you pour

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Remy Gabalda / AFP / Getty Images

Researchers in the U.S. caution that wine white drinkers are more likely to overdo it.

Wine drinkers could be pouring themselves more than they think, according to a new study by Iowa State University.

Those asked to serve themselves a normal glass of white wine into a clear glass dished out 9% more than when pouring red wine, researchers warned. What’s more, wide glasses received around 12% more than standard receptacles. And topping up your tipple in-hand adds yet another 12% compared to using a table or countertop.

The reason, explains Iowa State’s Laura Smarandescu, is that these variables affect how we assess volumes. So it seems the best way to ensure a clear head is by enjoying a narrow glass of red poured at the dinner table.

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