‘Thigh Gap’ Latest Goal for Teen Fashion Victims

Forget sunken cheeks or shrunken butts: girls are now going for pitifully withered legs

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Thigh gap
Alessia Pierdomenico / Reuters

A model wears a creation for designers from Central Saint Martins college during their MA degree show at London Fashion Week on Feb. 16, 2007.

The latest craze among U.S. teens striving to emulate stick-thin models is “thigh gap” — having legs so skinny that the upper thighs do not touch when standing with feet together.

“Thigh gap” images are now abounding on social media, posted by emaciated girls who are worryingly proud of their cadaverous appearance. However, experts say the pursuit of such an unnatural bodily feature could easily lead to eating disorders and mental problems.

“Most women are not built that way to have that space between their thighs,” said clinical psychologist Barbara Greenberg.