Killing You Loudly: Living Near Airports Can Be Lethal

The rent is cheaper, but the hospital bills could be way higher

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Neil Hall / Reuters

A British Airways jet approaches Heathrow Airport past a Swissair jet on the tarmac in London November 25, 2012.

Despite the availability of cheaper property and rent, recent studies suggest that living in close proximity to an airport may not pay back in spades. According to two studies published Wednesday in the British Medical Journal, people who endure high levels of aircraft noise are more likely to suffer from stroke and cardiovascular disorders, including heart disease.

In one of the studies, researchers from the Harvard School of Public Health and Boston University School of Public Health concluded that individuals regularly exposed to just 10 decibels or more of aircraft noise “had a 3.5 percent higher cardiovascular hospital admission rate”.

Following the publication of the research, Stephen Stansfeld of Queen Mary University of London told Reuters that these latest findings should be taken into consideration by municipal planners “when extending airports in heavily populated areas or planning new airports”.