11 Ways To Burn Calories With Holiday Cheer

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Christmas presents

It’s hard to stay trim during the holidays, what with all the sweet treats and hot chocolate. But don’t feel too sluggish. You can still get a workout going through your holiday preparations.

Every bit counts, as exercise experts tell us, so we tallied up how many calories some of our favorite (as well as more onerous) holiday tasks burned with the help of Tracy Lockwood, a registered dietitian at F-Factor Nutrition. Her advice for the best way to keep trim while attending all those parties and partaking of all that cheer? “Take the stairs at the mall instead of the escalator or elevator when you’re shopping,” she says.

Carrying groceries for 5 minutes = 13 calories


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Changing bed linens for the guests staying at your house for 15 minutes = 40 calories


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Standing in line at the toy store for 30 minutes = 47 calories


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Wrapping gifts for 30 minutes = 48 calories


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Decorating the Christmas tree for 30 minutes = 85 calories


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Socializing while standing for 1 hour = 127 calories 


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Tending bar for guests (but not drinking it yourself) for 1 hour = 146 calories


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Baking and preparing your feast for 1 hour = 159 calories


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Operating a snow blower for 30 minutes = 167 calories


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General to heavy house cleaning after your guests have left for 1 hour = 191 calories


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Sledding at moderate intensity for 30 minutes = 238 calories 


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Note: Men and women weighing over 150 pounds will burn slightly more calories during the same activities, and those that weigh less will burn less.