What’s Ailing You? Google Reveals Your Top Symptom Searches of 2013

We were curious about some common health conditions, but not the ones that are most likely to kill us

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For the last 13 years, Google has  curated our most searched topics. This year’s 13th annual Zeitgeist pulls queries from over 70 countries.

We can all admit to some heavy Googling when it comes to worrisome symptoms as we try to digitally diagnose our ailments. But most of our curiosity, it seems, is focused on relatively common ailments, from pregnancy to diabetes and influenza. Noticeably absent from the list this year are searches for the most common killers in the U.S. — heart disease and cancer. Have these chronic conditions become so pervasive that we’re comfortable enough with what we know about their symptoms? Or are we just over-saturated with information about them that we no longer need to look them up?

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Here are the symptoms searched for the most in the U.S. this year, along with what occupied our health curiosity in 2012:

Most-Searched Symptoms 2013

  1. Pregnancy Symptoms
  2. Influenza Symptoms
  3. Diabetes Symptoms
  4. Anxiety Symptoms
  5. Thyroid Symptoms
  6. HIV Symptoms
  7. Mononucleosis Symptoms
  8. Lupus Symptoms
  9. Herpes Symptoms
  10. Pneumonia Symptoms

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Most-Searched Symptoms 2012

  1. Pregnancy Symptoms
  2. Diabetes Symptoms
  3. Flu Symptoms
  4. UTI (urinary tract infection) Symptoms
  5. Mono Symptoms
  6. Strep Throat Symptoms
  7. HIV Symptoms
  8. Lupus Symptoms
  9. Heart Attack Symptoms
  10. Lyme Disease Symptoms

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