Science Confirms: Children Are a Pain in the Neck

Looking for a happy marriage? Don't have kids.

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Jose Luis Pelaez / Iconica / Getty Images

A global survey of adults with and without children finds that the childless ones skew slightly higher on the contentment scale, according to Yahoo News.

Now for the caveats: In wealthy, English-speaking countries the differences between the two groups vanish. Both rated their happiness around 7 on a scale of one to 10. It’s in the lower-income countries where the contentment of parents takes a dip relative to their childless peers.

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The surveyors theorize that in these countries parents have children to help with farm work and household chores, “even when, on a purely personal level, they would rather not do so.” It’s this lack of choice that diminishes contentment. In other words, the pain of child rearing will feel like a pleasure so long as it’s self-inflicted.

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