TODAY Show Hosts Love Selfies, Hate Selves

Then put on makeup as soon as possible

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Matt Lauer is anxious about his hair, Savannah Guthrie hates her cellulite, and Hoda Kotb doesn’t like to be seen without lipstick– that’s what we learned when the nine perky hosts of the TODAY show told viewers about their physical insecurities and appeared on live TV without makeup as part of their “Love Your Selfie” campaign Monday. But for all they criticized about themselves, they sure love taking selfies. All nine hosts snapped pictures of themselves as part of the campaign to spread awareness about self-image.

“There are lots of things that we’re never gonna love about ourselves. And who are we kidding– we can pretend all day long that we like that we have cellulite,” Savannah Guthrie said. “We’re never gonna like that, but you know what? I try not to wear a bathing suit in public. That’s my gift to America.”

Matt Lauer opened up about his decision to cut his hair short once he realized he was beginning to lose his hair. “If you have something about yourself that you find unsatisfactory, you’ve got to either deal with it or get over it,” he said.

The hosts were joined by Dr. Mehmet Oz, also bare-faced, who shared some of the findings of the TODAY show’s research into self-image. Apparently women spend 335 hours a year on their appearance (the equivalent of two weeks), while guys only spend 100 hours. And teenage girls spend almost twice as much time on their appearance as teenage boys: girls spend 7.7 hours a week, boys spend only 4.

Mothers are also especially self conscious; the study found that 73% of moms regularly worry about how they look, compared to only 65% of women without children. And on top of that, 57% of those mothers are worried about how much they worry, and whether their preoccupation with looks will affect their children’s self-confidence.

Most of the study isn’t that groundbreaking (69% of women say their stomach is their worst attribute, 82% think they should lose weight), but it’s nice to see that even morning people like Natalie Morales get a little help from mascara. As soon as the segment was done, all the hosts got made up again lickedy-split.